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Overlord Season 2 Episode 1

The Dawn of Despair


  • Matthew Wherry


  • Unknown

    said 1 day now it says 9 wow

  • Nuno lucci

    It’s a new years eve miracle!!!

  • Zach

    Season 2 Ep 1 Fan Sub Download:

  • anil cagri

    I guess the countdown is a timer for the next episode. I AM LOVING THIS NEW SEASON

  • oryxthemadhatter

    i love overlord so much

  • MrPenguin

    Next week HYPE!

  • Erza Scarlet

    A New Waifu Has Appeared

  • Mc Montinola

    YES! IT’S OUT!!

  • Kai

    Oh my gooood. I am so in love with the voice of the mushroom head bartender ❤❤❤❤

  • thank god its out

  • smaug yokai


  • TheMythof Feminism

    This was better than my highest expectations.

    Absolutely magnificent. I knew Overlord season 2 would be good but this is just off the charts. Please, PLEASE, stay this good, this is the beginning of what might be the greatest season of anime of all time.

  • Virisite

    Fuck, it ended at a really good part. I can’t wait till episode 2!

    • Lithane

      Can’t wait for Cocytus battle and the show of force, pretty epic and I think the anime will hit it spot on.

  • Animenerd

    I’m gonna wait for the dub I usually watch anime in sub but overlord in my opinion is better dubbed

  • Matthew Villanueva

    Since I’ve read the light novels and know what’s about to happen next…… god this is gonna be painful…….

    • Reaper94

      tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

    • trey roberson





      I’ve read the light novels 2 adn fully caught up so; lizardmen get owned by cocytus then become nazaricks bitches

      nazarick declares war on the kingdom; then goes and wins the war with 1 spell

      The empire becomes Nazaricks Bitch
      Nazaricks meets the dwarves makes a friendly alliance and he makes all the frost dragons there his bitches 2

      Last novel hes conquering the holy kingdom…. A lot of sex is in that novel…. like that pretty much the whole intermission is just girls getting rammed by demihumans… realllly throw me off when i first read it and i want u guys to be prepared <3

      Oh and slain theocracy are at war with the elves, and the elf king is crazy op for the world, not nazarick op, just world op

      Ainz is actually like a really terrible person like hes a straight up villian xD

      Its awesome <3

      Like her murders tons of innocent people just to take there land in volume 10/12 xD

      • Totes McGoats

        Volume 12 intermission was fan fiction by the translator. The sex scenes are not canon.

      • Anonymous

        How I see it Ainz isn’t really EVIL, as in he doesn’t go out of his way to kill things without reason, but he doesn’t care in the slightest if people DO die. Also if he has any reason at all to kill he won’t hesitate to kill thousands. Although, he isn’t heartless since it’s stated a lot that he cares for the people in Nazarick and his friends/guild members. Basically I see him as someone who cares for a small amount of people close to him and wouldn’t even step in to save every other being from a horrible, grouthsome death. Unless he has use for them in which case he’ll save them as long as they’re useful to him. Sorry I went on like this I just like overlord.

  • jigga masta

    WOOH !! THIS IS LIT AF !! am gonna wait for 3 months later and watch it ,that way i will have like at least 12 episodes to watch consecutively 😀

    ps: the animation/art is lit af too

  • Gran Torintino

    That transition to the end credits though

    • Lithane

      That makes my hair stand up when I watch it, that is just super awesome. Love the way the second season is looking so far! 😀

  • Masikai Kouka

    Finally it’s out and it is even better then season 1.
    I can’t wait for episode 2. ^_^

  • Heurudude

    I was so hyped for the second season and im even more hyped for the next episodes ! My brain’s gonna explode soon. I just cant wait.


    Ahh this is so good, i know this doesnt pertain to this episode but i just wished that Ainz Ooal Gown would team up with Erantel. That would be a great team up if you think about the posibilities and the perks of it.

    • xostrowx1991

      They do actually. Ainz takes E-rantel as his territory eventually and has Liches and Death Knights as guards policing the streets etc.. lol.

      • Joel Andrews

        Please do not spoil things.

      • Lithane

        Bro throw a spoiler in there, this doesn’t happen till wayyyyyy later.

  • Disco-maniac

    Wow we even got some new details that wasnt in LN (like that dragon lord or what fought with Shalltear) and it honestly looks good, i hope that they will execute the lizardman battle as good as it was in LN and that they wont stop just at this season and will even make season 3.

    • Novelzreal

      Errr it did happen in LN … Well, they talked about it at least.

      • Disco-maniac

        Yes they talked together but not about the dragon fighting Shalltear… i think…. my memory is not that good so maybe i am the one who is mistaken.

        • Anonymous

          I’m pretty sure they… wait… I’m can’t remember… uh… one sec I’m going to go reread the light novel to refresh my memory.

  • smaug yokai

    when ep 2 coming?

  • The Best

    i can barly type what i want to say about this episode so i guess i’ll just say MORE.

  • Crystal Comet

    It is such a rarity to see such a truly wonderful masterpiece like this, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fabian Escoto

    goku is that you 2:10 XD

  • severe case of depression 101

    holy shit this exceded my expectations I can’t wait for episode 2

  • King of anime

    When I was watching, I found the chief warrior words to be funny, ‘ kind’ The messengers part was done good.

  • Monster Hunter

    meh, tanto esperar para eso?

  • warisgee
  • あなたは密なばかだ

    I feel sorry for the slain theocracy people, they are pretending to be stronger but they have no idea what horror waits for them.

  • M8TEY

    the quality of the animation has improved a ton

  • mr pickles

    better then i thought the next series was going to be, looks like they def put time into this it shows.

  • Jamel Williams

    More races loved it

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Dilly Dilly

  • ChaosKnight HD

    This felt rushed. After reading the book before the anime, I could just feel the conversations going faster and faster and often I had to rewind just to take it all in.